What is it?

What better way to assess the quality of a product than a free demonstration under actual conditions?


This is exactly what XPR PRO offers with its Adopt a pro experience. For two hours, one of our bodywork technical consultants visits your body repair centre and lets you test XPR PRO products free of charge on your current jobs.


It will then be up to you!

How does it work?

Step 1: Contact us.

Would you like to test our Adopt a pro experience? Simply contact us and send us your name and address!

Step 2: Pre-adoption call

Before we assign one of our bodywork technical consultants, we call you to find out a bit more about you: what is the profile of your body repair centre, which products are you most interested in, what are your habits in terms of consumables, why are you considering a change of brand, and so on. This enables us to prepare for the adoption thoroughly!
Note that our consultants are very busy and your adoption might not go through immediately.

Step 3: The encounter!

This is the big day! Your bodywork technical consultant is on your premises! For two hours, their experience is at your disposal, and they assist you in testing XPR PRO products under real-world conditions. Test the XPR PRO consumables yourself and ask all the questions you may have, so as to make up your own mind about the XPR PRO range.

What happens next?

We remain at your disposal during the post-adoption phase, if you have any additional questions.

If the experience was conclusive, take a look at our map to find your nearest XPR PRO dealer, or place your order on www.mecasystems.com